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Clotech 2022

Innovative Materials, Technologies and Testing Techniques for Clothing Improvement

The next edition of the International Scientific Conference CLOTECH 2022 is approaching. The main aim of the Conference is propagation of the newest solutions of materials and technologies in clothing & textiles. The Organizers would like to indicate most promising directions for innovation and development of clothing, as well as to draw the attention to new – more sustainable - trends in fashion, design and construction of clothing.

Conference info

The CLOTECH – organized every 2 years – is focused on the popularization of achievements of the worldwide scientific institutions in a range of directions for innovation and development of protective clothing, gloves and footwear, smart textiles and clothing, computer techniques in designing and making up clothing, mass customization and rapid prototyping, marketing and competitiveness of textiles in the European market, standardization and certification of textiles and clothing.

The first CLOTECH conference was organized in 2003 (on the national scale only). In 2008 the CLOTECH conference gained the status of an international event and from this time successfully continue the communication in science and industry – even during the current COVID-19 situation.

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We invite you to share your ideas with the comunity. Let your work be appreciated in a wider field - send an abstract of your work and present it at the CLOTECH conference.